Excess Stuff – Reasonable Offer Sale

Audi B5 S4 Prototype Y-Pipe Flow Test

Flow Testing Y-Pipe Prototypes

S4 Avant Returns Home

Apikol Differential Bushing Blowout

Mamba Wastegate Bracket Update

FT21v3 + Mamba Preload Check

Frankenturbo + Mamba First Drive

Frankenturbo F21v3 Swap Complete

No particular place to go

Next Project – Finish Engine Build

Hi Ho Silver

JAE Innovations Product Claims

White Dog Racing SMIC Install

Fuel Filter & Pump Swaps

Accordion to Brake Booster Modification

K03 Hybrids from GP Turbos

XS-Power, Not Impressed

Silly Rabbit Motorsport and White Dog Racing Intercooler Matchup

More SRM SMIC Flow Testing

Upgrade downhill

White Dog vs Silly Rabbit

Clean up and repo

Front Driver Side Wheelwell

Waiting on Turbos

Survey Platform Experiment

Taking care of the rear main seal

Upgrade in progress

XS-Power Bipipe Flow Test

Get Healthy Engine Out

Project Get Healthy

Frankenturbo meet Mamba

Mamba Billet Wastegates

More FrankenTurbos – F21 v3

Engine Time Capsule

Engine Retrieval

Project engine hiding in an Audi A4

Audi B5 S4 Video Contest Survey

Subaru Airbox MAF Flow testing

TiAL 605’s Return

Hot Air Intake Part 2

Hot Air Intake Test

Inertial Dynamometer and Turbocharger Boost Onset

Dynocom accuracy estimating

Headlight Upgrade

JAEInnovations – 500 HP or Bust

Big Power + XS Power

Audi B5 S4/RS4 Owner Poll – Intercoolers

Refining Long Term Fuel Trims

Stabila Street Front Swaybar

EuroCustoms Tune vs Free

Door Handle Repair

New Turbo Project

Wrapped Turbo Inlet Pipe – Part 2

Wrapped Y-Pipe Temperatures

Cruising Turbo Outlet Temperatures

Gold Wrapped MAF Sensor Housing

Airbox Minus Darintake Mod

Wrapped Airbox Summary

Audi B5 S4 Stage Poll

Airbox Reflective Foil First Drives

Modification Expenditures

First Drive with Temperature Sensor After Air Filter

Temperature Sensor Relocated

Initial Drive Temperatures

Temperature Sensors Wired Up

Looking to measure again

Audi B5 S4 Owners Poll

Stocking up on supplies

RS4 Fuel Pump Swap

SRM IC Temperatures

Is it Real or is it DynoJet?

Crank up the preload?

Billet Turbochargers

Turbo Concepts Hot Weather Boost Onset

TC Stg1 2-11 at 85F

Epilogue: Audi U.S. Production Numbers

White Dog Racing FMIC Flow Testing

Audi RS3 Predictions

Behold… the Unicorn!

Adios, transition complete

Stock vs IPP Intercoolers

Avant Finishing Touches

Flashback Friday – Stock vs RS4 IC

Brake Swap In Progress

Creating Work

Car Wash

Rear CV Boot Replacement

Start up

4 years and 4,000 miles

Another engine in place

Tangled in the web

It is… alive!

Differential Installed

End Link Adjustment


Putting Along

Slow progress

Hall of Fame Inductees

Avant Engine In

Silver S4 Engine Out

Silver S4 in the garage

Transmission Swap

Transmission Prep

Avant Engine Out

Avant Engine Pull Checklist Complete

RS6 Turbocharger Flowbench Test

Busy S4 Day

2.7T Triple Play

Coilover Swap Begins

Winter Shoes

U.S. Market Breakdown

AGS4 retrograde begins

More MAF Flow Testing

Tuning Snafu

Turbo Concepts Stage 1 vs BorgWarner K04

Turbo Concepts Exhaust Gas Temperatures

Low Boost Turbo Concepts Test

Temperature Rise Comparison

Turbo Concepts Stg1 Temperature Rise

Turbo Concepts Stg1 Backpressure

ECS Jack Pad Kit

A different look at boost onset

Still tuning the Turbo Concepts

More Turbo Concepts Data

Survivor Projection

Calling It

Turbo Concepts Stage 1 First Logs

Turbo Concepts First Drive

Turbo Concepts Passenger Side

Turbo Concepts Driver Side

Swap in progress

Turbo Concepts Passenger Side

Torque Values

Turbo Swap Prep

Stasis Streetsport Height Adjusted

Fixed Stasis Streetsports

Turbo Concepts Stage 1 Bench Test

What is the 2-11 time?

Turbo Concepts Stage 1 Turbochargers

AWE Manifold Dyno Session

Thermal Imaging on the Dyno

Timing Belt Completed

Coolant O-Ring Replacement

B5 S4 Survivor Results

MFactory Helical LSD

Today’s Project: 034 Rear Sway Bar End Links

Avant Roadtrip

Stasis Streetsport Suspension Work

Changing the look

Avant Compression Check

Adios Nogaro

S4 Survivors Poll Instructions

S4 Survey – Slicing the Data

More Survey Insights

Survey Insights

Audi B5 S4 Surviving Numbers

Brake Check ‘After’ Results

More Brake Checking

Braking Distance Check

Audi B5 S4 Avant

Nogaro breaking

AWE-Tuning Exhaust Manifold Backpressure

K04 vs 770 Torque Curves

Nogaro back in the garage

AWE Tubular Exhaust Manifold First Look

AWE Exhaust Manifold Test Preparations

K04 Summer Boost Data

SRM Shroud Fitting

605 vs K04

Engine Installed

Injectors Swapped

Passenger Side Swap Complete

Driver Side Swap Complete

AGS4 engine out

Just about ready

Taking a Nogaro break

Nogaro roughly up and running

Nogaro Starter Check

Nogaro stoppage

WMI Checkvalve

More Nogaro Progress

LDP Install

Engine Installed – Finally

Nogaro DP’s Installed

Nogaro WG Setting

Swaybar Day

Boost Rise Trend

4mm Nozzle Check

Downsizing WMI Nozzles

Turbo Concepts – Another option?

More Nogaro Silliness

Hot weather data

Nogaro Project Competition

BMW MAF Part 2

Nogaro Engine Pull

Project Nogaro – The Good

BMW MAF + K&N Filter

Project Nogaro Begins

Stage 3 post turbo backpressure

S4 vs RS4 Y-Pipe Pressure Drop

Stage 3 Pre-Turbo Pressure Drop

Boost Logging Gear

Thermal Coated FrankenTurbo

White Dog Racing RS4 TB/Bipipe

FrankenTurbo F4H data

More TTE550 Boost Onset Data

Revised Water Shock Accumulator

Water Shock Results

Charge Air Temperature Rise with Boost Increases

Aquamist Anti-Surge Accumulator

WG Refinement

More TTE550 data

Claim: TTE550 has RS4 K04 response

Dirty Airbox

White Dog Racing IC Inlets

Solo shakedown drive

White Dog Racing Intake Parts

TTE550’s Installed

One TTE550 Installed (Almost)

FT21 Removal Underway

Next candidate – TTE550

BW K04 vs FT 21 vs SRM RS6/K24

Gauges layout

FrankenTurbo F21 Mixed Flow Dyno Results

Whoa! Enough boost

Pushing the F21’s

More BMW Turbocharger Inlet Flow Testing

F21 Mixed Flow Boost Onset Data

TorqByte Tuning

Path Temperatures Along Intake Tract

Fluidampr crankshaft pulley

F21 First Logs

First Impression of FrankenTurbo F21

FrankenTurbo F21 First Run

Running with FrankenTurbos

Engine installed with F21’s

Turbo Collection

Moving onto FrankenTurbo F21’s

Compressor Housing Pressure

K04 Dyno Baseline

Wheel well pressure

IC Shroud Test – Cleaned Up Data

TTE550 Day 2

TTE550 First Look

IC shroud testing – a different approach

K04 Stg3 Pre-Turbo Pressure

034 Motorsport Exhaust Fix

EGT Model Accuracy

Ugh. Step backward.

SRM on car IC Pressure Drop

Need to tune it down

Checking K04 Wastegate Preload

Exhaust Manifold Coatings

K04’s setting the bar high

Is the K03 like a hair dryer?

K04 swap complete

Reducing Coolant Spillage

Fuel Injectors Swapped

Garage Winterization

Paragon Oil Lines

Second K04 installed

Driver side K04 on

Turbo swap underway

Onto K04’s

End of the K03 Journey

TTE 550 vs TTE 600

Big power FT21’s

Wacky Turbo Comparisons

TTE 550 Getting More Interesting

What’s up with the poll?

TorqTune Setup

Weighing In and Straightening Out

K03 Modifying Boost Results

K03 High Boost Measurements

Pre-Turbine Exhaust Pressure on Stock Boost

Pre-Turbo Exhaust Pressure

Flow testing the old style intake manifold

3 bar MAP sensor

Swaintech Coated Exhaust Manifolds

Old vs New MAP Sensor

Pre-Turbo Pressure Drop

MAP sensor check

Intake and Exhaust Pressures

Exhaust Manifold Surface Temperature Part 2

Initial exhaust back pressure results

More equipment for exhaust pressure measuring

Gauge Test Run

Turbo Temp Gauges Wired

LC-2 Wired Up

Trim Swap

Gauge Panel

TTE550 Getting Interesting

Pre-Turbo Injection Baseline

Pre-Turbo Injection Installed

Pre-Turbo Injection 2

Pre-Turbo Water Injection

N75 Valve Tuning Investigation

More Flowbench MAF Work

RS4 MAF Tuning

Silly Rabbit Motorsport SMIC

Boost Manager Profile Analysis

Exhaust Manifold Velocity

Project: B5 PB550

BoostManager Flow Calibration

Aquamist Flow Sensor 806-428H

SRM SMIC Install

Gaining ground

K03’s with Stock Intercooler Results

F21 1.8T Turbine Housing

Compressor Signal Line Monitoring

Exhaust Manifold with Turbine Housing

AWE Exhaust Manifold Flow Testing – Coming Soon

K03 Boosted

BMW Inlet Debacle

EPL MAF Flow Test

MM Performance Engineering Inlet Pipes

MAF Airflow Test #3

Oil Lines, Finally

BMW 335i N54 Inlet Pipe Test

K03 Turbine Flow

Rebuilt BorgWarner K03 Turbochargers

Paragon Wastegate Lines

FrankenTurbo F21 Mixed Flow

MSM WP and Timing Belt

Wastegate vs Exhaust Manifold

WG Nut Effects

Turbine Airflow Varying Wastegate

AN line collection

More K04 Flowbench results

AWE S-Flo Testing

K04 to the bench

FrankenTurbo F4H Boost Data

Even more perplexed

Still digging for answers

That’s not good

Logging Exhaust Gas Pressure

Nef Tune Stage 2

Turbo blanket results

Engine installed

Aftermarket part pains

Engine Pull Déjà vu

Running out of breath

Intake pressure check

Turbo Blanket Clearance

SRM IM Progress

Apikol Transmission Mounts Installed

Punting on SRM’s Modified Intake Manifold

Stoptech Rotor Swap

Hitachi MAF Round 2

Hitachi MAF Sensor Values

MAF Sensor on Flowbench

SRM RS4 SMIC Piping Effects

Tool Progress

034 front swaybar end link installed

Wiseco Pistons

Refurbished Stern Control Arms

Wrapped up

2.8 Camshafts

Big Power Parts

Stock Fuel Injectors swapped

Possible Frankenturbo Future Offering

Fuel Rail Upgrade

Downpipe wrap

Exhaust Manifolds Swapped

Swaintech ceramic coated downpipes

Flow test of SRM SMIC’s

BorgWarner K04 Turbochargers on hand

034 Swaybar End Links

TTE 550 Another Contender

PTP Turbo Blanket


New option from SRM

6th engine pull

Nef7 Acceleration

MAF Screen Flow Test

Nef4 Relogged

Turbocharger Selection Big Picture

Nef4 Timing Adjustment

Exhaust Manifold Temperature Fluctuation

Nef Stage1 Modified Boost

Nefmoto Revised AFR

Nefmoto Tune Rev1

S4 Stock Tune Baseline Logs

Exhaust Manifold IR Temp2

Downside of the Darintake

Intake swap

Airbox Filter Drive Temperatures

Stock Airbox or CAI?

Day 2 EGT Monitoring

Exhaust Manifold Thermal Coating

BoostManager RPM Signal

Ramp Jack Stand Safety

Water-Methanol Bog

Low End Performance

Eurodyne Boost Manager

RS4 TBB Adapters

RS6 EGT Logs

J-Mod Revealed

ECS Power Gasket First Look

Reinstalling AMD IC’s

F21 on E85

PreTurbo Air Temperature

IAT Followup

IAT Problems

IC Temperature Efficiency

Stock FATS

Exhaust Pressure Measurement

RS4 Airbox

More Thermal Spacers

Silicone RS4 MAF Hose

Narrowband AFR Comparison

Timing drop

Compressor Outlet Temperature

Auber Air Temperature Sensor

Siliconeintakes Triple Grip Design

Innovate LMA-3 (Aux Box)

Contender Dyno Comparison

Aquamist Nozzles

A-Pillar Boost Gauge

F21 vs K04

Turbo Selection – E85

Turbo Selection

Turbo Selection Path Consideration

Turbo Selection Easy Cuts

Turbo Size Decision

Turbocharger Selection

Audi B5 RS4 Cylinder Heads

Interior Swap

Project: Big pipes

Water-Methanol Injection vs High Octane

What to do with B5 RS4 Cylinder Heads?

Eurodyne Boostmanager Plus+

More progress

F’ing Single Piece Driveshaft

Alignment troubles

Composite Pressure Loss 2

Loba Motorsport Audi B5 Intake Manifold

SRM Modified Stock IM On Hand

AGS4 DMV Inspection

Project:B5 Modified Intake Manifold

Driveshaft Heat Shield

Making progress again

SRM Modified Intake Manifold

Problems? What problems.

Coolant Leak

Extrude Honed Intake Manifold

Driveshaft install

Low pressure check

Motor mount test fit

Wiring Tool

Manual Transmission Radiator

Clutch installed

POR-15 Subframe

Intercooler Scatter Plot

Valve cover fun

Reversion: Fact or Myth?

Motor mount bracket

Transmission swap

Data logging gear

First accomodation

Tiptronic Torque Converter Removal

Dollies are cool

Engine out

More new stuff

Continued progress

Into position

Santorin S4 moving out

Nitty Gritty

Audi B5 RS4 pump swap

Subframe swap complete

Subframe final phase

Sub-Frame Two Out

Now in DMOZ

Driveshaft fun

Exhaust removed

Audi B5 S4 Pedal Assembly Removal

Backing the subframe out

Lowering the subframe

Moving rearward

Corner 3/8 done

Corner 1 almost done

First corner removed

Santorin Suspension Dis-Assembly

Engine Removal Checklist

Taking care of the mirrors

Ignition lock success

More cleaning

Getting to work

Picking up the new S4

Purchasing an insurance auction car

Composite pressure drop

IC Info Summary

Y-Pipe Prototype Testing

80mm TB Bolt Test

80mm Throttle Body

Modified RS4 Intake Manifold Test

RS4 Intake Manifold Flow Test

Raining intake manifolds

Exhaust velocity probe

Intake manifold volume

Adapter setup

Stock Y-pipe and Tial inlets

Stock Y-pipe with Inlets

Insurance Claim Epilogue

Lessons Learned


Stepping Away

Documenting Incompetence

Insurance phone call

Round 1 Challenging Market Value

Intake Manifold Runner

Market Valuation Report Concerns

Intake Manifold Test with Fuel Injectors

Aftermarket parts

Intake Manifold Testing

CCC Market Valuation Report

Loss determination

Search for a replacement S4


Insurance claim first decision

Collision damage insurance claim

AMD Shroud Comparison

AMD vs Stock Intercoolers

FrankenTurbo F4H-BT Boost Investigation

Audi B5 S4 Information and Testing