Upgrade in progress

The Silver S4 that is in to be made healthy is now starting to see some upgrades added.  I’m starting at the rear of the vehicle and plan to make my way forward.  First off was the stock sway bar to be replaced by the 034 Motorsport swaybar and 034 adjustable endlinks.  The first step of this upgrade is to install the subframe reinforcing brackets.

034 Motorsport Swaybar Subframe Brackets
034 Motorsport Swaybar Subframe Brackets

Next I moved over to the driver side brakes to replace the pads and rotor along with upgrading to the 034 Motorsport brake lines.

034 Motorsport Brake Lines
034 Motorsport Brake Lines

While I was underneath the car the rear differential fluid was changed out with some Liqui Moly fluid.

The stock suspension was removed and a Vogtland coilover was installed in its place.

Vogtland Coilover Audi B5 S4
Vogtland Coilover

(Note: The rotor was swapped with the other after the picture was taken so that the slot angle is the other direction.)

The wheel bearings are also going to be replaced, but the rear axle bolt has been putting up a good fight against my breaker bar.

Breaker Bar Torque Rating

The bolt is going to strip before loosening, so I’m holding off on trying any more so I can get the car to a shop equipped with an impact wrench.

3 thoughts on “Upgrade in progress”

  1. I’d recommend just welding a bolt into the rear axle bolt. It’s what I ended up doing to remove mine. Those guys don’t like to come out

  2. I’ll make sure they know that is something that may need to be done, thanks for the suggestion.

  3. i also had to weld in a old hex socket into the rear bolt. Also the underside of that car is super clean, at least compared to mine!

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