Get Healthy Engine Out

Today the engine came out.  Detaching the driveshaft from an S4 that has never had the driveshaft disconnected before is fun, boy those bolts are in there good.  The driveshaft is also well attached to the transmission, even without the help of the bolts.

CP B5 S4 Engine Out

I tried something different this time to free the driveshaft from the transmission.  I put the car in gear, raised the driver side rear wheel and gently rocked the wheel back and forth until the driveshaft popped free from the transmission.  Much easier than laying under the car trying to pound the driveshaft free.

I was extremely pleased to have almost no coolant loss when removing the heater core hoses, there’s been times in the past where this part of the removal has produced a big mess on my garage floor.

Audi B5 S4 transmission removed
Transmission Removed