Intercooler faceoff

This page will update the status of progress towards fulfilling the goal of the Intercooler faceoff flow testing initiative.

Summary of results to date – *

XS Power intercooler flow test results


* – The chart above combines two pieces of data, airflow and temperature, to try and give a better idea of where the various intercooler options place relative to one another.  The airflow data was collected under controlled, repeatable conditions with a calibrated instrument making the results reliable.  The temperature rise data WAS NOT!  Temperature data is pulled from different cars under different conditions and for a very specific condition which may not be of importance depending upon the application.  USE THIS INFORMATION AS A GUIDE – NOT AS A DEFINITIVE RANKING OF THESE PRODUCTS.
The Apikol SMIC’s do not have Temperature Data which is why they are placed along the temperature line at 0 degrees.

The following intercooler products have been offered for testing by the respective owners.

  • RS4 – Matt Danger
  • Apikol – Corbett
  • AMD – Martin
  • Silly Rabbit Motorsports – itguy
  • IPP – Beeman’S4
  • AWE – 1illA6
  • Wagner S4 – NFX123JMP


The following people have offered to financially support the project by helping defray shipping costs of the intercoolers.

  • Matt Danger – $25
  • Flyboy – $30
  • Kingfool – $20
  • D Lo – $20
  • 2380S4 – $30
  • aysix – $10


August 27th – Martin shipped a set of AMD intercoolers to me and they have been tested.  AMD Intercooler Flow Test results are here.

August 29th – I received a set of RS4 intercoolers courtesy of Matt Danger on the Quattroword forum.  RS4 intercooler Flow Test results are here.

A set of Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercoolers are enroute for testing.

September 5th – Corbett from the Audizine forum loaned a set of Apikol intercoolers for testing.  D Lo and 2380S4 from the Audizine forum chipped in to help cover the shipping costs back to Corbett.  Apikol intercooler flow test results here.

September 12th – Silly Rabbit Motorsport loaned a set of their intercoolers for testing.  D Lo and 2380S4 had their contribution toward shipping applied to this test article return because of a mix up with UPS on the previous test.  SRM v1 IC flow results are posted here. [Note the link is to version 1 of the IC’s which are no longer produced.  Click on the following link for Flow results for version 2 of the SRM IC’s. ]

September 15th – Beeman’S4 loaned a set of IPP intercoolers for testing.  They’ve been shipped in separate boxes and one has arrived.  One the second is here testing will be completed.  The partial results are now available for the IPP intercoolers.

September 25th – 1illA6 from the Audizine forum loaned a set of AWE intercoolers for testing.  The IC’s have arrived and testing is complete.  AWE IC flow test results are posted here.

October 6th – NFX123JMP from the Fortitude forum loaned a set of new Wagner S4 intercoolers for testing.  Wagner S4 IC flow test results are posted here.

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