Compressor Signal Line Monitoring

Today I attached an adapter inline of the compressor signal lines that feed into the N75 valve.  The adapter has a fitting for a line that will allow me to record on the Innovate LMA-3 AuxBox the boost pressure in the compressor housings.

compressor_housing_boostThis will give me an idea of the compressor outlet pressure, rather than just manifold pressure, which is lowered by the pressure losses between the turbo outlet and throttle body, primarily by the intercoolers.

Innovate LMA-3 Aux Box
Innovate LMA-3 Aux Box Datalogger

Exhaust Manifold with Turbine Housing

By popular request, BorgWarner K04 turbine housing attached to the stock and AWE exhaust manifold on the flowbench.

This is a follow-on to the exhaust manifold flow test of the AWE tubular manifolds and stock manifolds.

AWE Exhaust Manifold attached to K04
AWE Exhaust Manifold attached to K04
Stock Exhaust Manifold with K04 turbo attached
Stock Exhaust Manifold with K04 turbo attached

Results, along with results of just the K04 turbine housing without any exhaust manifold.


Not too surprising, but not much to take away from this chart either, other than the fact that the turbine housing is a significant flow restriction, which makes sense given what the part does.