Innovate LMA-3

What it is:

The Innovate LMA-3 Aux Box is a data collection device that can be used in conjunction with other Innovate products.

Innovate LMA-3 Aux Box
Innovate LMA-3 Aux Box Datalogger

What it does:

The LMA-3 has some built in sensors; a 3 BAR pressure sensor, X and Y axis accelerometers, ability to read a thermocouple, and also an RPM signal.  There are a series of 0-5V differential inputs that can be configured to read external sensors.  The unit is also capable of providing 5V power to the external devices that need to be powered.

How well does it work:

In practice I found the LMA-3 Aux Box to be moderately useful.  The ability to mix various sensor types and provide power to external sensors was handy.  The integration with the LogWorks software is a nice bonus though I have not used but a fraction of that applications capabilities.

What are it’s shortcomings:

There are a number of shortcomings to the Aux Box.  There are only five channels, sensors, that can be logged simultaneously.  Logging RPM is almost always needed, which leaves four inputs.  The LogChain concept that Innovate utilizes to connect various devices did not work well for me when trying to connect the LMA-3 to the LM-1.  LM-1 is an Air-Fuel Ratio recording device that can also store additional data if connected (properly) to other Innovate devices.

Reliability of the device was poor.  First I ran into problems with the MAP sensor.  Innovates technical support did little more than state I should ship the unit back to them and they’d evaluate it, at a cost of $45.

It worked for several months after that service visit before it failed to connect at all to my laptop computer.  The LMA-3 has no internal recording capability so if it cannot be connected to a computer it is almost worthless.  I say almost because it could still convert 12V to 5V power for external sensors.  Upon the second failure and advice from Innovate to ship it back for another $45 inspection, with the potential to cost even more if a fix was not simple, I decided to relegate the LMA-3 to acting solely as a power converter.

Bottom Line:

The Innovate LMA-3 Aux Box has a few useful capabilities but suffers from being an unreliable device with poor product support.

There are more cost effective ways at achieving what capabilities I needed from the device – I would not buy it again.

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