Eurodyne Boost Manager

In addition to receiving the Eurodyne Boost Manager back, described below, I received a K-type thermocouple from Auber instruments that I intend to use in conjunction with the Innovate LMA-3 Aux Box to take some high temperature readings.

Auber Instruments K-type thermocouple
Auber Instruments K-type thermocouple

I’ve been encountering difficulty with getting the Eurodyne Boost Manager water injection controller to work.  After contacting Eurodyne they informed me that there have been some updates to the component and advised me to send the controller back so they could send me the current version.

I received the updated unit.

Eurodyne Boost Manager Controller
Eurodyne Boost Manager Controller

Shown below is the older version.

Eurodyne BoostManager 6 BAR MAP

RS4 TBB Adapters

I picked up a set of these RS4 TBB adapters for use with the metal RS4 throttle body boot.  I’m planning on using the RS4 ‘pancake’ pipes, but I want to keep my options open for using alternative setups and these adapters were a limited production run so I figured I’d grab a set while I could.



RS6 EGT Logs

I got around this weekend to installing some RS6 EGT’s in my S4.  Reason for these is that with some *minor* changes to the software the full range of exhaust gas temperatures can be recorded via the ME7Logger instead of only seeing EGT’s display when something is going wrong, which is the case with the stock EGT sensors and stock S4 tune.

Up front a word of thanks to Jonathan, Johnny Bravo, for the suggestion to do this and pointing me in the right direction when I got started.  At the tail end of the project Daz, DDillenger, was a *big* help in getting the software changes, something that required delving into TunerPro and XDF files in ways that I’d not done previously.

Here’s a look at the sensors fresh out of the box.

Audi RS6 EGT sensors going into B5 S4
Audi RS6 EGT Sensors for use in my B5 S4

After the hardware install and updating the ECU software I wanted to confirm that everything was working as expected.

Here’s how the EGT’s varied over a drive.

EGT chart for B5 S4 with RS6 EGT sensorsAnd then a pull just shy of 6500 rpm with K03’s.  This was the first pull to the 6000 rpm range that I have done since re-installing the AMD intercoolers.

AFR / Boost / EGT overlayThe chart shows AFR, manifold boost pressure, and the new RS6 EGT sensor readings.

All in all the project went smoothly thanks to the help I had.

Minor update, a comparison with the ECU modeled EGT’s that normally are reported as EGT’s at the O2 sensor.

RS6 EGT sensor vesus ECU modeled EGT reading
RS6 EGT sensor reading vs ECU modeled EGT