Nefmoto Flasher Software

Nefmoto Flasher download and installation

The following video illustrates the steps for obtaining a copy of the free Nefmoto Flasher software that will enable you to read from your S4’s ECU and to write “tuned” modifications onto the ECU.

The following is a link to a local copy of the Nefmoto Flasher.

Installing Nefmoto Flasher

This video shows the steps for installing the Nefmoto Flasher onto a Windows XP computer.

Nefmoto Flasher Setup

Steps for setting up the Nefmoto Flasher to connect with a B5 S4 ECU.

Example of Reading an ECU with Nefmoto

This video illustrates the steps for using the Nefmoto Flasher to read your car’s ECU.

Example of Flashing and ECU

The following video shows how to use the Nefmoto Flasher to flash an ECU.

Audi B5 S4 Information and Testing