Wiring Tool

Part of the wiring process involved splicing in some new wires.  I decided that since I had a spare wiring harness I’d remove the necessary wiring from the terminals of the spare harness and install onto the TIP harness.  I quickly discovered that doing this without a proper tool would not be easy so I purchased this Lisle 56500 Terminal Tool for less than $10.

Lisle 56500 Terminal Tool
Lisle 56500 Terminal Tool

Unfortunately in a few cases the tool did not insert far enough into the connector to release the terminal end.  To remedy this I took out my trusty hacksaw and removed material around the prongs so that the tool could insert further into the connector without being block by the connector housing.

Manual Transmission Radiator

Rather than describe all of the bits that get transferred over with the radiator swap I’ll just annotate a picture with the items.  The Bentley manual had a decent description of the swap process, but didn’t talk about all the little pieces that need to be moved over.

Audi B5 S4 radiator

Clutch installed

I finished up the bulk of the wiring and swapped in the 6-speed pedal set.  There were a few other odds and ends that needed replacing which I will detail when I detail some of the specifics of the swap.

Audi B5 S4 Manual Wiring

A proper pedal arrangement.

Audi B5 S4 Clutch Pedal