My replacement S4 is a theft recovery so I don’t have much information yet on the cars past.  In doing a web search I came across a CT police report that included mention of an S4 theft and also had a picture stating the stolen car was similar to the one shown.  The report from Saturday, April 16, 2011 mentioned the stolen S4 was a 2005 convertible, not the model year of my purchase, but the likeness photo was very similar to the vehicle I bought, even having a missing headlight washer cover on the passenger side.

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From the auction listing I saw the following pictures.


Then I found what I believed to be a previous auction listing for the car that provided additional photographs.  The increase in the odometer reading by 1/10 in the second series of photos would indicate the second set were taken later, though the auction site I purchased the car through supplied the first series of photographs.



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