SRM IC Flow Test

Silly Rabbit Motorsport (SRM) loaned a set of nearly completed intercoolers for flow testing.  This set has some cosmetic cleanup still to be done but is functionally equivalent to a set that would be going to a customer.

Due to some shipping issues with UPS in delivering the Apikol’s the fund donors from that test, D Lo and 2380S4, will have their contribution of funds applied to the return shipping of these intercoolers.

My ER’s have gone to a new home so I no longer have them to set side-by-side with the test articles.  Here are some pictures of the SRM intercoolers.

Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercoolers

Frontal area of the core is 9.0″ x 8.75″

Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercoolers

Core width is 3.5″

Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercoolers

Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercoolers
Close up of fin spacing.

I counted 96 fins.  The column of fins is 10 mm wide and the charge row is 8 mm wide.  There are 13 charge rows.

Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercoolers
Inlet flow splitter.

This is something new compared to the other intercoolers I have tested thus far.  The plate apparently is to keep some of the incoming air directed to one half of the core and the remainder of the charge air going to the other half of the core, without the two streams mixing.

Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercoolers on flow bench
Mounting the SRM intercooler on the flowbench


Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercooler flow chart
Flow results
Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercooler pressure loss chart
Driver’s side pressure loss
Silly Rabbit Motorsport intercooler pressure loss chart
Passenger side pressure loss

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