Fuel Pressure Gauge

Prosport Fuel Pressure Gauge

I added the Prosport Fuel Pressure Gauge to monitor fuel pressure as a result of some problems encountered during start up.

The gauge was pretty inexpensive and uses a remote sender unit so that there is no fuel line inside the cabin.  The gauge uses a stepper motor and also has two light bulbs, the white shown in the image and an amber bulb that closely matches the dashboard which activates with the headlights being switched on.

I have the gauge installed within a Podi steering wheel gauge holder.

6 month update:

I’ve noticed that when the Amber light is used after a short while the back lighting on the gauge face becomes uneven.  This isn’t a problem for reading the gauge, but it should not be happening.

I am now also on my third sender unit.  The good news is that Prosport has been very easy to work with in obtaining the replacement sender, the bad news is that these sender units appear to be low quality.  After I am outside of the 1 year product warranty I hope Prosport still will stand behind the product.

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