SSR Comp Wheels


I was looking for wheels to mount my snow tires on so I could save wear and tear on my Smartire system.


Originally I had planned to purchase a set of inexpensive wheels that I could mount my snow tires on and keep my summer tires on my Ronal RT wheels. I’d wanted a set of lighter wheels for the performance gains, but could not justify the added cost of two sets of ‘nice’ wheels. The class action lawsuit against Audi/Bridgestone happened at the same time I was looking to buy wheels for my snow tires. I took the opportunity to get the wheels I really wanted.


  • SSR Competition: Nice design and very lightweight.
  • O.Z. Superleggera: Nice design and lightweight.


SSR Competition. The SSR Comps were slightly lighter at 15 lbs than the O.Z.’s as well as looking a little better to me. They were a bit more expensive, but with Audi/Bridgestone picking up a portion of the tab I wasn’t quite as concerned about the cost.


With only a few weeks worth of driving on the SSR Comps I am very happy with them. I like the look of the wheels as well as the change in feel of the car. The steering is noticeably lighter; I have not been able to tell a difference in acceleration or deceleration. My wife noticed a change in the feel of the car immediately with the lighter wheels. These wheels are also much easier to clean than the Ronal wheels.

Long Term Report:

I’ve had the SSR comp wheels for almost two years now and they are holding up well.

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