Collision damage insurance claim

Dealing with an automotive total loss claim

When the S4 I had owned for a dozen years made an off-road excursion one rainy night my education in how insurance companies attempt to bilk consumers began.

My Audi S4 was purchased brand new in 2000, a build to order vehicle that would undergo extensive modifications during the ensuing years.  There were few aspects of the vehicle that had been untouched by aftermarket parts and nothing that had been done to the vehicle that I had not been a part of.  Beyond routine maintenance I also had a series of compression tests performed on the motor over the years and I also routinely submitted oil samples for lab analysis to ascertain the health of the engine.  The vehicle also benefited from being garaged and kept in regions with mild climates.

One unique aspect to the insurance policy I owned was that it included coverage for custom equipment that was permanently installed on the vehicle and payment in the event of a loss would be for Actual Cash Value.

When the accident occurred it was the first auto insurance claim I had ever made; the company with which I had coverage had been receiving insurance premiums from me on time for over 20 years.

Throughout the discussion of what took place to me and my car I will highlight some key points that I think may be useful for somebody else that is not familiar with the things that occur following an auto accident.

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