Nef7 Acceleration

This chart shows a comparison of the 7th iteration of the Nefmoto community 2.7 tune with the stock B5 S4 tune and also a log I have from a different APR chipped car.  The APR car is not mine, nor is it as extensively modified along the intake and exhaust airflow paths, the point of putting the data on the chart is to give a sense of about where the Nef7 tune falls in comparison to two other tunes that have widespread use.


MAF Screen Flow Test

The Test:

This investigation was done to get some insight into the amount of obstruction the screening at the entrance to the MAF housing causes.

I had the ends from a stock MAF housing which I attached directly to the flowbench to measure the airflow through.



Running the test depression up to 10″ of H2O the results were:

screened_maf_airflow The setup for the test was not ideal, just having the ends of the MAF housings and mounting them directly to the bench which meant the sharp edges were present for air to flow around as the air was drawn through the housing ends.  But, as a check to see approximately how much obstruction the screen causes I believe this setup was adequate.

The removal of the screen under the conditions that I tested showed roughly a 5% increase in airflow at the same test depression.

Nef4 Relogged

I added a few suggested variable for logging to try and determine why the boost profile shows boost levels rising with rpm where the LDRXN defines a profile that has boost decreasing with increasing rpm.

Nef4 variables

The entire set of charts is shown here:

Nef4 Relogged