Hall of Fame Inductees

Audi B5 S4 Hall of Fame
Audi B5 S4 Hall of Fame

The purpose of the B5 S4 Hall of Fame is to recognize people and businesses that have made a substantial contribution to the Audi B5 S4 community over the lifespan of the vehicle.  Many people have played a role in advancing the S4, and the Hall of Fame will help to establish how these individual contributions helped the community of owners.

The induction process is as follows:  Nominations are made and accompanied by a justification that explains what the person or business did and how it has helped the B5 S4 community.

Selection of the inductees from the pool of nominees takes place through a voting process wherein each voter is able to choose five nominees.  The five nominees receiving the highest number of votes are inducted as a class into the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Inductees

The inaugural Class of the B5 S4 Hall of Fame is comprised of the following people:

Daz Dillenger

Instrumental in making the information contained on the Nefmoto site understandable to the average owner by taking the time to explain complex topics in simpler terms.  Played a major role in the 2.7T Stage 1 community tune.  Has personally helped many B5 S4 owners with tuning the of the software on their S4’s. [Daz, Mike Oefelein, passed away in 2016 at the age of 32 after contracting pneumonia.]


Advanced the MarkP template to become ECUxPlot, another community standard application for sharing performance data. He is a key member of the Nefmoto tuning forum who is continuing to help to advance the ME7 self-tuning knowledge and techniques.  He developed the ME7Sum software for checksum checking and manages the extensive S4 Tuning Wiki.


Created an Excel based data manipulation and display tool for online sharing of vehicle performance data generated by ECU Explorer, it was identified as the MarkP template. This was a first for the B5 S4 community and it greatly facilitated the sharing of data quickly, and by a large number of people, as a result of the simplicity of the tool.  It also incorporated an automatic FATS time calculator making this performance measurement more widely utilized.


Conducts extensive testing  of stock and aftermarket parts to share data and provide owners with evidence driven advice and reviews related to the B5 S4 platform. The result was time/money savings as well and helping to flush out the products that don’t live up to the claims, helping to preserve the integrity of the platform. Involved with the development of APR’s Stage 3 v2 code which included donating his S4 to APR to use for testing purposes and resulted in new power levels being achieved by the software.

Tony @ Nefmoto

Paved the way for the self-tuning community.  Established a forum dedicated to the subject of modifying the ME7 software that allowed for the sharing of ideas and harnessing the power of individuals world-wide contributing to the same effort.  Developer of tune flashing software that enabled anyone to read and write data to the vehicle ECU and made the software freely available.  Also lent expertise in developing sample tunes from which others could  build from.

Thank you to all the people who participated by providing nominees and accomplishments as well as casting a vote.

Another class will be inducted into the B5 S4 Hall of Fame later this year.