Excess Stuff – Reasonable Offer Sale

This post contains a listing of excess parts that I have that are for sale. Many are new or lightly used.

Make me an offer. I’m looking to get approximately 50% of what they cost. Shipping costs will be added to the purchase once they are determined.

Since I’m looking to move this stuff out of the garage package deals are encouraged.

Contact: flyboy at myaudis4.com

  • VAG Tool
  • Valve guides (SOLD)
  • Coolant hose (SOLD)
  • N249 Valve
  • Clutch pedal position switch
  • Head bolt tool
  • Brake pad wear dummy plug (1)
  • Intake manifold gaskets
  • 034 Phenolic Spacer (RS4 to S4)
  • 034 Motosport Intake Manifold bottom plate for AN fittings.
  • Brake booster to Y-pipe vacuum lines, check valve, etc. (SOLD)
  • Oil cap
  • Paragon Oil Supply lines
  • Paragon Turbo wastegate lines (SOLD)
  • Schwaben cam lock tool
  • Clutch position tool
  • Crankshaft bolts
  • Schwaben fuel pump removal tool
  • Generic braided stainless steel hoses (SOLD)
  • ECS Jack Pad and 2 plugs
  • Stasis Ohlin coilover wrenches (SOLD)
  • 15mm and 10mm wheel spacers
  • Angle tool, for setting manual shifter position
  • AWE boost leak tester
  • Quik Latch hardware for front bumper attachment modification
  • NGK BKR7E 4644 (12 spark plugs)
  • Phatnoise Music player with hard drive & cable (also includes a cradle for managing music via computer – not shown)
  • 72lb EV14 fuel injectors
  • Schwaben Radio removal tools
  • Mamba adjustable wastegates
  • Coolant switch
  • Frankenturbo custom F21 turbos with N54 compressor wheel and swaintech coated turbine housings. (Approx. 500 mi of use) – Similar performance to a K04.
  • Cam plugs (SOLD)
  • Other cam seal parts (SOLD)