KW Coilovers

After being on my car for a long time my H&R’s started to leak.  Since they came with a lifetime warranty and I was the original purchaser I was able to have them rebuilt under warranty.  The catch was that they’d all have to come off the car to be sent in for repair and while I waited several weeks for the repairs to be performed my car would be down.

This seemed like an opportunity to make a swap to something else.  I’d always coveted the Stasis/Öhlins Motorsports but at a cost of roughly $3800 they were more than what I was willing to pay.  The KW V3’s had received some very positive feedback and one vendor was offering an attractive sale price for them.  I decided I would sell my H&R’s after being rebuilt so I pulled the trigger and purchased the KW V3’s.

kwv3-1I was happy to find that the ride was not harsher compared to the H&R streets and they were a little firmer.  I never got around to playing with the adjustment settings before moving onto something else.

kwv3-5 kwv3-7

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