Ross-Tech Vagcom

VCDS Lite Procedures

Ross-Tech is the company that developed VAG-COM and the later version, VCDS.  At the Ross-Tech site you can find information about your options for using VCDS.  This lesson will focus on the VCDS-Lite software.

Step 1. Follow this link to the download page at

Step 2. Follow the instructions on the Ross-Tech downloads page for the most current guidance on installing their software.

VCDS Download Example

VCDS Software Installation

The Ross Tech website contains detailed information about installing the software and configuring it to work with your S4. The following video shows software installation only.

Configuring VCDS Lite for use

In addition to guidance provided at the Ross-Tech website for configuring their software the following video gives an overview of the process.

How to use VCDS Lite

This video briefly shows how you can use VCDS Lite to check for engine fault codes and how you would select data blocks for logging.

VCDS Full Version

This video shows how to get the full version of VCDS installed and operating. Several of the steps are similar to what are followed when installing VCDS Lite and therefore this video proceeds more quickly. If you have questions about the installation process review the VCDS Lite lessons or visit the Ross-Tech website for additional help.

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