Gauge Test Run

All of the gauges that I can install have been installed and wired up.  I changed out fuel filters and needed to refill the gas tank so I took some logs on the way to the station to see how the readings would look when graphed.



Turbo Temp Gauges Wired

Today I wired up an additional two gauges, the temperature sensors feeding into these gauges will take readings going into and out of the turbochargers.

Gauge Panel with Turbo Temperature Gauges Wired UpI also swapped the labels for the Fuel Pressure and AFR readouts.

For the exhaust pressure I am using a custom spec’d pressure sensor from Dwyer Instruments.  I’m not confident in some of the inexpensive pressure sensors I have used in the past so I decided to go with a company that has a long history of making gauges and sensors.

Dwyer Pressure Sensor

This particular sensor will read from 0-100 psi gauge pressure with 0.25% accuracy.  It has a 0-10V output which will work well with the Dataq datalogger that can read a 0-10V input.

With a 1/8″NPT to -4AN adapter I’m just about set to begin recording exhaust pressure with this sensor rig:

Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor Rig

LC-2 Wired Up

Today’s progress was connecting the Innovate Motorsport LC-2 wideband air-to-fuel ratio sensor and controller to the second input on the VEI gauge.

Innovate Motorsports LC-2 wired up to VEI display gauge

Now I need to update my labels to correctly identify the Fuel Pressure and AFR readouts.