Wagner S4 IC Flow Test

A BNIB set of Wagner S4 intercoolers were loaned for testing from NFX123JMP on the Fortitude forum.  He also offered to cover all of the shipping costs which will help toward further testing of other S4 intercoolers.

The dimensions of the Wagner S4 IC’s are:

Core Width: 8-3/8″, to outer end plates 8-11/16″

Core Height: 8″

Wagner S4 side mount intercooler

The core depth is: 3-5/8″

Wagner S4 intercooler

The fin row width is: 6mm

The charge row width is: 7mm

There are 15 charge rows

80 fins per row

It utilizes a 2″ inlet and outlet

Wagner S4 intercooler fins

The Results

Wagner S4 intercooler CFM

Wagner S4 IC driver pressure loss
Wagner S4 driver side pressure loss
Wagner S4 IC passenger side pressure loss
Wagner S4 IC passenger side pressure loss

These Wagner S4 IC’s make the third set of intercoolers that I have tested that have shown a significant difference between the driver and passenger side, with the passenger side outflowing the driver side.  All three, the OEM S4, AWE, and now Wagner S4 IC’s, utilize an end tank inlet that feeds directly into the center of the end tank.  Based upon the under performing driver side for all of these intercoolers, my conclusion is that the end tank design is the cause of the lower flow rate.

Audi B5 S4 Information and Testing