Stock IC Flow Test

Some results from putting my stock intercoolers on the flowbench.

My guess as to how the air flows into the core, possibly impacting the results obtained.


1) There’s a good bit of pressure loss through the stock IC’s and the bench will read a depression up to ~36″ H2O.  A common standard for flow testing is to use 28″ H2O.  I’ve recorded at 28″ H2O and also up to the digital manometer’s maximum depression.

2) The airflow at maximum depression is well below what would be experienced on the vehicle, therefore the pressure loss readings are extrapolated using a least squares fit.  The charts reflect this by showing the meas(ured) values and extrap(olated values).

3) Losses were recorded both directions through the cores, forward (FW) being how air would flow on the vehicle, and backward (BW) to see how consisent the readings are and to try and ascertain any influence the end-tank design might have on the pressure losses.

4) Both the driver’s (D) side and passenger (P) side were tested.


[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]


The results:

Audi B5 S4 Information and Testing