Motor Mounts

The first upgrade I made to the car’s motor mounts came with the installation of the APR Stage III kit, at that time I had the RS4 motor mounts installed.  I didn’t find anything objectionable with them and they worked well with the APR kit as well as the TiAL 605 kit I later installed.  During the conversion to the AgS4 I needed some new mounts and this second time around I chose the Stern Motormounts.

Other options available to me at the time were:

  • RS4 – Already tried them.
  • 034 Motormounts – The density line mount didn’t seem to be much of an upgrade from the RS4’s and the newly released motorsport mounts looked like they could cause added noise and vibration which I wanted to avoid.
  • Black Forest Industries – Waaaay too expensive for an unproven product that in the end is simply a motor mount.

The Stern’s had a very solid reputation and have been in widespread use which is always a good thing for uncovering potential manufacturing problems.  The price was also very competitive.

Sterm Motor Mounts



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