PTS Flowbench

The PTS Flowbench was a DIY project to build a flow bench capable of matching the performance of expensive commercially available flowbenches and to allow me to flow items I was interested in as well as to verify vendor claims.

The following photographs show the progress of the project and the completed PTS flowbench.

PTS Flowbench mock up
Early mock up after cutting all of the major pieces to the correct sizes
Another angle of the early mock up in the wood shop.
Baffle and the mounting location for the orifice plate.


Adding access ports so that the baffles and orifice plate could be reached. Also added the test port to the top panel.
The access port covers added.
Motor chamber panel and exhaust / inlet ports.
The electrical panel.
One of the PTS orifice plates.
Completed cabinet.
Hooking up some of the lines to the PTS Digital Manometer.

Audi B5 S4 Information and Testing