SRM V2 IC Flow Test

I received a set of Silly Rabbit Motorsports most recent version of their B5 S4 intercoolers.  The most obvious change from the previous model that was flow tested is that this core is 4.5″ deep.  Below are some of the dimensions for this product and some photos of it alongside my AMD intercoolers.

SRM IC on Flowbench
SRM IC on Flowbench

The core dimensions are:

Height: 9.25″

Width: 7-6/8″ without end plates, 8″ including end plates.

Depth: 4.5″

AMD and SRM IC side photo
SRM IC on right
AMD and SRM IC top photo
SRM IC on right

There are 14 charge rows.

Charge row width is: 7mm

Fin column width: 6.5mm

Inlet ID: 1-7/8″

Outlet ID: 2-1/8″

AMD and SRM IC front photo
SRM IC on right
AMD and SRM IC fin photo
SRM IC on left

There are 94 fins in the column.

The Results:

SRM V2 CFM chart

SRM Driver Side Ploss

SRM Passenger Side Ploss

Note:  The CFM number for both the passenger and driver side increased when a rubber inlet hose was affixed to the inlet pipe.  The driver side CFM increased from 248 to 271, and the passenger side CFM increased from 260 to 283 CFM.  This result is similar to what I have found with other intercoolers, apparently the inlet hose having a less sharp edge enables the higher airflow numbers.  The higher number a likely to be what occurs on the vehicle.

I am unaware of any temperature data for these intercoolers, but based upon the flow numbers these intercoolers are among the pack that is near the top in terms of pressure loss performance.

Audi B5 S4 Information and Testing