Adapter setup

This test was done to evaluate if there is any impact on the airflow caused by the way the turbo inlet pipe is positioned inside the adapter, a reducing silicone hose, that connects the Y-pipe outlet to the turbo inlet pipe.  The transition not only is a reduction in the pipe diameter but there is also flat surface presented to the airflow by the edge of the inlet pipe that is inside the coupler.

For a reducing transition the longer, thus more gradual the transition, the lower the value for the loss coefficient.  What I was interested in finding out was if the way the turbo inlet pipe was positioned inside the reducer would have any affect on the flow rate.  Given the short range over which the inlet pipe could be varied I did not expect to see much change.

The setup utilized the RS4 y-pipe with one outlet capped off.  The other end was attached to a short piece of the turbo inlet piping.  On my car I have cut the inlet pipe into two sections roughly halfway along the length of the inlet pipe.

Adapter test setup

To facilitate taking airflow measurements at defined intervals, marks were placed on the inlet pipe every 10mm over the range in which adjustment could be done.

Adapter marking

With the inlet pipe placed at the furthest location inside the reducer (40mm mark) the pipe and coupler looked at follows:

Adapter at 40mm mark

With the inlet pipe placed at the further position (10mm mark) the arrangement looked as follows:

Adapter at 10mm mark

The inlet was then tested for airflow quantity (CFM) at 10″ of H2O over the range of marks.

The results were:

Adapter airflow results

Shown as a relative change in airflow from the baseline state, which I chose to have be when the inlet was fully inserted.

Adapter airflow percentage change

I was somewhat surprised by how substantial the change was given how little the range span varied.


Stock Y-pipe with Inlets

In the continuing pursuit to baseline components that will give me some idea of the benefits that may or may not come from the use of after-market components I assembled a stock y-pipe with inlets to test on the flow bench.

The intake was not entirely stock, incorporating the RS4 accordion hose and an 85mm MAF sensor housing.  These two components are what I have on hand and are unlikely to detract from the flow numbers generated by any of the down stream components that I am measuring.

The assembled components are a bit unwieldy to mount to the flowbench, but with the help of some bungee cords I was able to get all of the piping in place.

Stock y-pipe with inlets

And the results

stock y-pipe with inlets flow test results