Turbocharger Blanket Results

As a follow up to the acquisition and baseline info on the Turbocharger blankets, here are the initial results with the ThermalZero turbocharger blankets installed, shown below.

Turbocharger Blanket Results on K03's

With about ten data points collected the time for boost to rise from 2 to 11 psi does not appear to have been improved with the installation of the turbo blankets.

I did not collect data with a low starting rpm as I did without the blanket, and that will be something else to try to see if the results change.  From a practical standpoint going full throttle at less than 1800 rpm is an unlikely occurrence and therefore of minimal benefit even if the performance were to improve.

Another benefit is supposed to be cooler under-hood temperatures, something that I did not record this time out.  Next up I’ll be checking to see if intake air temperatures are lower to any meaningful degree.

Audi B5 S4 Information and Testing