Avant Engine In

The engine with 47k miles on it was ready for installation today.

Avant’s New Engine

Out with the stock downpipes and in with my Autospeed 3″ pipes.  This new engine brings with it a transmission with about 115k on it, a Southbend Stage 3 clutch, dual mass flywheel, and Stasis 4:1 center differential.  I also swapped over a USP stainless steel clutch line, what a joy that was!  As a reminder, this Avant has almost 290k on it and the motor was the original one.  Not original K03’s though.

Avant’s Autospeed Downpipes

After a discussion with Turbo Concepts about the development progress of their billet wastegates I’ve decided to hold off on upgrading the TC Stage 1 turbochargers to the Stage 2 level for a later time.  The BorgWarner RS6 turbochargers that I recently picked up were a tempting option to go with, but I decided that with all of the components being swapped between the Silver S4 and the Avant I would refrain from unnecessary changes.

Audi B5 S4 Avant – New Engine (47k miles) Installed

Now on to finishing up the install.