Turbo Concepts Driver Side

Today I installed (most of the way) the driver’s side Turbo Concepts turbocharger.  I have a few parts to tighten down still, but the oil and coolant lines are done, which are the most time consuming part.

Turbo Concepts Driver Side Turbocharger
Turbo Concepts Driver Side Turbocharger

I did have a few challenges to overcome.

One issue was the clearance between the compressor housing and the exhaust manifold on the driver’s side.  I clocked the turbo to get the notch in the housing aligned with the exhaust manifold, but was still finding them to be in contact.  After placing the Turbo Concepts turbo next to the BorgWarner K04 that I just removed I observed that the location of the indentation is different on the Turbo Concepts compressor housing.

I used a file to grind down the high point on the compressor housing so that I could see light between the exhaust manifold and compressor housing.

I also swapped out the fuel injectors, replacing the 72# EV14’s with a set of 60# injectors.