Pre-Turbo Injection 2

Continuing the effort from a couple of days ago to check out pre-turbocharger water methanol injection, I ordered a 0.4mm Aquamist nozzle jet from Howerton Engineering that has a rated flow rate approximately one half of that of the 0.5mm nozzle.

Aquamist 4mm nozzle

The goal was to reduce the volume of water being injected, but maintain a small droplet size.  The drop in nozzle size should enable me to operate the pump at a higher duty cycle, for higher line pressure, with less fluid entering the y-pipe.

Initial operation of the system with the new nozzle shows positive signs of having less fluid being sprayed.

I also did some further thought on the placement of the nozzle.  I decided to switch locations and go with a location further up stream that is firing vertically into the upper side of the main tube of the y-pipe.

nozzle_y-pipe2Based upon the spray pattern of the nozzle I am hoping to evenly distribute the water spray across the tube, despite now potentially having a greater percentage of the fluid spray hitting the opposite side wall.

Aquamist 0.4mm jet nozzle in y-pipe