Pre-Turbo Injection Installed

Picking up from yesterday, I installed the 0.4mm nozzle jet along with a right angle adapter so that the supply line can run out below the y-pipe more easily.

aquamist_nozzle_adapterThe adapter swivels so that as the supply line is moved there is no stress being placed on the nozzle portion that is mounted into the plastic y-pipe.

y-pipe_w-m_setupI also added an inline check valve to the line so that fluid from the supply line is not siphoned into the y-pipe from the vacuum.  This should help with system response time, so that soon after activating the pump the water/methanol should be spraying into the y-pipe, rather than first refilling the supply line where liquid has been siphoned off.

One final op check to make sure the system was running as intended before completing the installation on the car.

With that complete the system has now been installed and the car started to make sure it runs ok with the new nozzle.