TiAL 605’s Return

With an eye toward checking out some of the larger turbocharger options, and to see how they stack up against the RS4 K04 based turbo’s I have already tried, I’ve picked up a set of the TiAL 605 version 1 turbochargers along with the various install hoses and fittings.

TiAL 605 v1 Turbochargers
TiAL 605 v1 Turbochargers

They’ll be in line behind the BorgWarner RS6 turbo’s that I have on the shelf, and a set of the current FrankenTurbo F21 design K04 hybrid that is being assembled at FrankenTurbo, so it may be some time before I get these TiAL 605’s installed.

One thought on “TiAL 605’s Return”

  1. Nice seeing someone else actively interested in these still! There’s getting to be fewer and fewer. I’m debating the 770s…

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