Day 2 EGT Monitoring

Today I made a couple of drives logging the temperature near the exhaust manifold, approximately 2.25″ from the exhaust manifold to the temperature sensor probe, and of the exhaust gas temperature inside the exhaust manifold.

This is a follow on to the recording I made the previous day.

The charts below were taken with ambient temperatures of 85F and 94F, top and bottom chart respectively.

The charts show the vehicle speed and temperature outside of the exhaust manifold along the left vertical axis, and the right vertical axis is the scale for the exhaust gas temperature.  The horizontal axis is time in seconds.

Exhaust Manifold Temperature Readings
Exhaust Manifold Temperature Readings – 85F ambient
Exhaust Manifold Temps - 93F ambient
Exhaust Manifold Temps – 93F ambient

The exterior temperature spikes when the vehicle slows, where the quantity of cooling air would decrease.