Creating Work

Getting started with the front suspension component swap I knew this was going to be a bit of work, but fairly straight forward.  First the driver’s side coilover was removed from the Sedan.

Then the same component on the Avant was removed.

As it turns out both cars have Stern upper controls arms, saving me some effort in what may have been a swap of upper control arms.  With both coilovers removed I was ready to re-install them in their new homes.

Stasis Ohlin Motorsport (L) Stasis Streetsport (R)

With the Motorsports it becomes necessary to partially remove the windshield washer tank so that the line to the oil reservoir for the coilover can be snaked up into the engine compartment.  Unfortunately removing the washer tank on the Avant was not as easy as I was expecting.  Someone had routed the wires to the lower tank pump around the bracket that holds the horn in place.  Simply lowering the washer tank was not happening.  I thought I might be able to remove the end of the electrical connector, but that was not to be, at some point someone had broken the tab that releases the connector.

The next option was to drain out the washer fluid so I could then remove the pump and get some better leverage to pop the connector apart.  Eventually this was successful and the Motorsport coilover was in place on the Avant, along with the 034 front swaybar end link.