Santorin S4 moving out

I’ve got everything I want off of the Santorin car.  There’s little left of it except the frame.  The entire rear subframe and suspension on it are from the Silver car and the front suspension, control arms, etc are also from the Silver car.  Aside from the shell and the front subframe there’s not much else from the Santorin car that will be going to the metal re-cycler.

Audi B4 S4 on payloader

Even at the metal re-cycler I was still not done yet.

Audi B5 S4 on cinder blocksI’ll take the wheels and brake rotors thank you.  The metal re-cycling facility weighed the shell at 1,500 lbs.  With metal going for $10 a pound I left with $150, considering I could almost get that much for the used fog lights I think hanging onto every part I could will prove more lucrative than selling off the scrap metal.

Silver Audi S4

Now that there’s more space in the garage I can begin the work of installing the Santorin cars transmission, shown in foreground, into the Silver car.  The Santorin car’s motor will be held onto since I have plans to build it up to handle some larger turbochargers.