Eurodyne Boostmanager Plus+

For a while now I’ve had a Eurodyne Boostmanager Plus+ water/methanol injection system on hand courtesy of FrankenTurbo with a Snow Performance pump.  Finally I am getting around to having it installed, but I’ve still got

Snow Performance Tank and Pumpa ways to go before I have it fully operational and can make an assessment of the system.  Above is a picture of a 2.5 gallon fluid reservoir and the Snow Performance pump mounted to a removable plate in the trunk.  The fluid supply line runs under the driver’s side lower molding, beneath the dead pedal, and out through the rubber grommet in the footwell following the driver’s side frame rail, where it will then tee into either side of the APR bipipe.

Here is the BoostManager Plus+ mounted to a removable panel on the passenger side.  Beside the BoostManager is mounted an Innovate LMA-3 datalogger.

BoostManager Plus+ and Innovate LMA-3Lastly, here’s the current state of the engine compartment.  There’s still some work to be done installing an oil catch can as well as connecting the LMA-3 and BoostManager Plus+.

Audi B5 S4 Engine Compartment