Nogaro WG Setting

Before I begin the reinstallation of the Nogaro’s engine I want to ensure the turbocharger wastegates are set to an appropriate preload level.  The first thing I noticed was that with an acceptable preload the end of the wastegate arm was going to extend a bit further than I cared for.


I took a Dremel cutoff wheel to the wastegate arms to trim both down a little.

wastageta_arm_trimmingI found that the Nogaro had shown up with the preload set to approximately 2 psi, on a K04 turbo that’s low.  I upped the preload to approximately 6 psi which is closer to what the BW K04’s come set at.

Later I undertook one of my least favorite routine maintenance activities, replacing the fuel filter.  By the looks of things this Nogaro made it to 90k miles for its first fuel filter change.