TorqTune Setup

This is the initial results of wiring up the TorqByte WMI controller in my S4 and then running the Aquamist Flow Sensor off the WMI controller.

Chart showing TorqTune initial setup results
TorqTune Initial Settings Output

There will be a full write up on the TorqByte CM5-LT water-methanol injection controller coming soon, but for the time being I am working on getting it wired up and verifying that the wiring and configuration of the TorqTune software is correct.

What is illustrated in the chart above is the WMI pump duty cycle, as specified in the TorqTune settings, the pumps output current, and the resulting water-methanol fluid flow rate.  This is using the TorqTune software to trigger the injection while the engine is idling with no boost.

As can be seen, a moment after the current increases the water-methanol flow rate also increases, what I was expecting to see with a properly setup system.