Stock FATS

I got around to making a 3rd gear pull up to 6500 rpm today on the stock tune.  It was almost entirely uphill so as far as the time aspect is concerned the results are not valid.  I was more interested in recording how the stock tune performs and a couple of other measurements which are shown below.

The pressure drop through the stock intercoolers continues to increase as rpm increases, but with the stock tune only requesting between 8-9 psi the k03’s have no trouble supplying the requested boost.

Stock FATS Boost Levels
Pressure Drop of Stock Tune -> 6500 rpm


I continue to be impressed by how well the stock intercoolers work with the k03’s and stock tuning.  This pseudo-FATS pull was made after warming the car up in stop and go traffic, making a stop to pickup some tires, and then almost immediately after coming out of a parking lot I was turning onto the onramp and going wot. That’s the type of scenario that can show IAT’s going through the roof.

As can been seen from the chart comparing the compressor outlet temperature to that at the intake air temperature sensor, the stock IC’s really did a good job even with a pull out to 6500 rpm.

Stock IC IAT to 6500 rpm
Charge Temperature Drop with Stock IC’s and Stock Tune -> 6500 rpm