Insurance phone call

By this stage of the process my Insurance company was not exactly prompt in responding to my correspondence, in fact I doubt I would have received a response at all to the concerns I raised.  I called a couple of days later to ask pointed questions about the market valuation, such as how they could determine the condition of a vehicle they had never seen, how they could be sure the aftermarket components were on a car they’d never seen, and why some of the valuations were so far out of whack.

The answers from the Insurance representative were always the same, that CCC was in the business of doing vehicle valuations and knew what they were doing.  This pass the buck mentality combined with the absolute belief that CCC could do no wrong was infuriating in the face of the evidence I had provided.  One of the most egregious challenges to common sense was the value that CCC gave to the comparables for having “privacy glass”, a heavy tint that was considered more valuable than the regular tining that my car had.  I wanted to know how they had determined that the comparables were equipped with privacy glass when all they had to go off of was an Internet advertisement that made no mention of the vehicles having privacy glass.  I was told that they looked at the pictures posted with the ads and made the determination from those pictures.

Damaged S4 CCC comp
Privacy Glass, Photoshop Effect, Sun & Cloud Effects? You choose.

This answer was absurd since the pictures in the advertisements did not show the car in a way that would enable a person to make this determination.  The insuarnce person told me that they would get someone from CCC on the call to answer my questions.  When they did come on the line and I asked about the window tinting, and they gave the same answer, I pointed out that in the case of one car there was a single photo included with the advertisment and it was from ground level in front of the car, making it impossible to determine that the car had window tinting.  The CCC representative became defensive and indignant claiming that if I was so concerned about an item that impacted the valuation by only $70 that they would revise the report.  Having learned all that I needed to know about CCC Valuescope, that their process for determining market value was sloppy, shoddy, and cursory, I told the Insurance representative to remove the CCC person from the call.

I tried making a point to the Insurance rep about how poor the quality of the market value report was, but incredibly they still stuck by CCC. (This is one reason you should not believe your Insurance carrier, they’re in bed with CCC and will say nothing bad about them even in the face of evidence.)  I was getting nowhere with the Insurance rep so I told them I would submit another letter with my most recent concerns.

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