Aftermarket part pains

Sometimes  ‘upgrading’ to aftermarket parts creates unintended consequences.  In the process of removing and reinstalling the engine a couple of times I’ve found there are some aftermarket parts that are not conducive to an efficient pain free process.

Two items that are particularly noteworthy in this respect are shown below.

The Apikol transmission mounts use a very long bolt to secure them in place, this creates problems when trying to install the mounts.

apikol_transmission_mount_boltI’ve found that it can take as long to get these bolts into the mounts as it does to install the engine.  I’ve wrestled with these bolts for up to an hour each time during two engine installations.  The best method I have come up with is to bend  back the heat shield over the Apikol transmission mount, put the motor back in place so that the holes in the bracket and mount are aligned, raise the front of the engine with the hoist, and then put my floor jack under the car to raise the rear of the transmission.  If I lift the engine and transmission a couple of inches I then have enough clearance to wiggle the bolt through.