Data logging gear

One of the upsides to switching back to a pair of BW K03 turbochargers will be the opportunity to more fully log the performance of the vehicle with those turbochargers installed.  The last time my car had K03’s installed all I had to log with was VAG-Com.  This time I’ll be utilizing some more capable data logging software as well as bringing some additional sensors into the mix.

One component that I’ve had for a while is the Innovate LM-1Air/Fuel Ratio monitor and data logger.  I also purchased the Innovate RPM converter (LMA-2) which can be used with an inductive pickup, but of more interest to me, allows 4 additional sensors to feed into the LM-1.

Innovate LM-1 LMA-2

An additional input that I like to have is a stand alone manifold air pressure (MAP) sensor.  Since I already had the LM-1 I decided to stick with the Innovate products and add the Aux Box (LMA-3).  This device can provide data from 5 sensors, either the built in sensors or external.  The unit comes with a 3 BAR MAP sensor, EGT, RPM, Injector Duty Cycle, and a 2-axis accelerometer.  Alternatively up to 5 external sensors can feed through the Aux Box, and of greatest interest to me since the LMA-2 does not have this capability, the Aux Box can provide up to 300 mA of 5V power to the external sensors.  This means I can just get additional sensors and not have to worry about control boxes, so long as the power requirements are appropriate to the Aux Box capabilities.

Innovate LMA-3 Aux BoxA fast responding intake air temperature sensor is something I’ve wanted for a while and the Auber instruments sensor and controller combination fit what I was looking for.

Auber instruments IAT sensorFinally, while not strictly a sensor box, the Eurodyne BoostManager water injection system includes a 6 BAR MAP sensor which I will find some use for.

Eurodyne BoostManager 6 BAR MAP