TTE550 First Look

A set of TTE550’s has arrived for evaluation.  The turbochargers came well packed and even included a balance sheet for each turbo, a nice addition for turbo’s that have been rebuilt to upgrade the BorgWarner K04’s to a hybrid using a variant on the RS6 center.

pair of tte 550 turbochargers
TTE550 RS4 K04 Hybrid Turbochargers


Looking them over it dawned on me that the ring that goes around the wastegate canister increases the effective diameter of the canister, and I have encountered problems fitting the TiAL turbo inlets past the BW K04 wastegate canisters.  This could lead to future headaches when I start installing these turbo’s.  The ring can be loosened and rotated, hopefully that will be enough to avoid problems fitting them alongside the inlets

tte 500 turbocharger compressor housing


I next turned my attention to giving the TTE550 a turn on the flow bench, something I have done with the BorgWarner K03 and K04 products in the past.  First though I’d have to remove the turbine housing studs so I could fit the turbine housing flush to the flow bench.

tte 550 turbocharger turbine housing


I’ll just twist this first stud out, or maybe not.  Vice grips, nope.  Penetrant oil & heat, nope.  F*******ck.  Not coming out.  Looks like I’ll be making a trip to a machine shop to have the studs removed.

TTE 550 turbo stuck stud


Until that takes place I won’t be making any progress with further evaluating these TTE550 turbocharger’s.

To be continued…