Garage Winterization

Last winter I spent a few days working in my frigid garage and the cold weather put a big damper on my progress.  Now with intentions of doing another turbo swap, or two, over the winter I decided that I needed to make the workspace a more pleasant place to be if I wanted to do non-critical work.  When you have to get your car running that can be a strong motivator to get work done.  When you have a DD and the S4 is just for projects, working on the car in frigid conditions becomes hard to justify.

I took a break from the K04 turbo swap to fully insulate my garage and put on order an insulated door.

Garage Insulating Project (Almost) Complete
Garage Insulating Project (Almost) Complete

I’m hopeful that even when the temperatures outside drop down to the freezing level the conditions inside the garage will be mild enough to make working on the car seem like a normal activity.

Insulated garage