Problems? What problems.

If you read some of the comments on the car forums about doing the TIP swap you possibly could come to the conclusion that it is only slightly more involved than changing the S4’s oil filter.  As I am now at the shakedown phase of one of these projects it seems like the list of items for correction continues to grow.

After taking care of the coolant leak I was finally ready to fire it up.  Too bad the S4 wasn’t as ready to be fired up.  Getting the Software reprogramming done was the first hurdle.  More on that later, but in the end I took the nuclear option and swapped out the ABS module and used Nefmoto to completely write over the ECU program.

With power to the car I was hearing an odd mechanical sound that had a consistent rhythm to it.  It took a few moments but I realized that the windshield wiper stalk had been bumped up and the motors were operating, minus the wipers and arms.  Now, a couple of days later I’ve found that the wiper doesn’t want to work, nor do the directional signals, though when I activate the hazard flasher all the light outside and inside function.

What else is there; the 3.5″ single exhaust and single piece driveshaft are getting very cozy, so much so that the heatshield between the two is being squished against the exhaust pipe and I think the driveshaft is rubbing against some point of the heatshield.  So I’ll be heading back under to take the exhaust back off and try to form the heatshield to sit nicely between the two parts.

I’m getting an ABS/Brake fault code, implausible signal.  Finally, one of the most vexing problems, the wiring for the Clutch Pedal Position sensor.  I was following the TIP -> 6spd wiki for the project but when I got to the wire portion I discovered that the 6spd harness I was going to use did not have a blue connector on it which the Wiki guide refers to.  I went with plan B, a second write-up where one of the TIP car’s wires from the transmission is spliced into.  Problem is, the car won’t turn over.  The 12V that are supposed to go to the starter aren’t.  I can jump directly from the battery to the starter and get the car to start (hooray!) but using the key is not working.  Of course now would be the time that my Bentley manual would crap out so I don’t have it to use, but even with the wiring diagram I am basically on my own to try and figure out how to wire up the car since neither of the DIY options is working for me.

By the way, there is a free Bentley eBahn reader and content update available if you have a licensed copy.  I believe this was the first time I had ever gone to the Bentley website so who knows how long this update has been available and I’ve happily been tooling along with the older version of the software.