Engine installed with F21’s

This afternoon I swapped fuel injectors from the Bosch EV14 72 lb. to the same injector in a 60 lb. size.  I found that with the boost level I have been operating at that the 72 lb. injectors had a maximum duty cycle around 50%, I got the impression I had much more injector than needed for the pump fuel tune that I was operating with and anticipate using in the future.

Bosch EV14 60# fuel injector
Bosch EV14 60#

With the injectors swapped I then took care of a few checks.  First I checked the wastegate preload on the FrankenTurbo F21’s, this was the second time I checked them, once before installing the turbochargers on the car and now with them installed.  I had to make some slight clocking adjustments to the compressor housings after attaching the turbochargers to the exhaust manifold and I wanted to ensure that the preload was still equal for both turbochargers.

Next I attached the intake components so I could perform a boost leak check.  With that check good I set about installing the engine back into the engine compartment.  I have yet to find a quick way to get this done, mainly the issue is installing the axles as the engine is being lowered into place.  This is a painstakingly slow process.


Eventually things went back into their original places and the engine was back in the car.  Now I’ll begin the process of hooking everything back up.