Turbo Collection

On hand:

mix of turbochargers
Top L-R: TTE 550 & BW K03
Bottom L-R: FT21 & BW K04
  • The Turbo Engineers – TTE550
  • Borg Warner K03
  • FrankenTurbo – Mixed Flow F21
  • Borg Warner K04

Today I finished removing the BW K04’s and installing the FrankenTurbo F21’s.

Passenger Side F21
Passenger Side F21
Driver side F21
Driver side F21

I had my first chance to op check the coolant catcher that I rigged up after the last engine pull.  The point of the device is to keep the coolant inside the engine once I start hoisting the engine out of the car.

In the past I invariably have ended up with pools of coolant on the garage floor as the engine comes out, my hope was this little device would put an end to the messes.  I was happy to see that it worked as intended and I didn’t have any major spillage  on the floor.


The two coolant attachment points are joined together with the silicone hose.