SRM IC Temperatures

I’ve not had much opportunity to assess how the Silly Rabbit Motorsport side mount intercoolers compare with some other IC’s that I have used, under conditions beyond a FATS pull.

Recently temperatures have been in the mid 90’s so I made some recordings of Intake Air Temperature to gauge how these intercoolers fare.

silly rabbit motorsport side mount intercooler

The first chart is of the IAT’s and boost pressure during a session of assessing how boost onset looked at various engine speeds for the Turbo Concepts Stage 1 turbochargers that my S4 is presently operating with.

Boost is repeatedly requested with a short period of recovery taking place while the engine speed settles back to the next starting value.

Not surprisingly during the period of repeat boost events the intake air temperatures are increasing.  During four mintues of steady state driving at 50 mph the IAT’s return back to a value approximately 20 degF over ambient.

The next log was recorded during an afternoon commute.

Once again when steady state driving takes place the IAT’s settle to approximately 20 degF over the ambient temperature.