RS4 Fuel Pump Swap

The project of the day for the Avant was to remove the existing stock fuel pump and install an RS4 fuel pump.  The stock fuel pump has been a hold-over from when I acquired the Avant, the previous owner was driving the car with K03’s and a tune so it was doing fine with the stock pump.

Audi B5 S4 fuel pump well
RS4 and S4 Fuel Pump Swap

I’ve got the car equipped with 60# EV14 fuel injectors and a pair of Turbo Concepts Stage 1 turbo’s operating around 21 psi, so I figured having the larger fuel pump supplying the system would be a good idea.

Audi B5 S4 Stock Fuel Pump

The last time I swapped fuel pumps I told myself that if I was to do it again I would get a hold of the Schwaben fuel pump to make the removal and installation easier.  Here I am swapping fuel pumps again, I think this is now the fourth time I’ve pulled a fuel pump out.

Schwaben Fuel Pump Tool
Schwaben Fuel Pump Tool

While the fuel pump can certainly be removed without a specialized tool, I find that it makes the job easier and was worth the cost.