Aquamist Anti-Surge Accumulator

I decided to pull this component out of a parts box and install it on my water-methanol injection system to see if it will help with smoothing out the fluid flow to the intake.

Aquamist Anti-Surge Accumulator "Water Shock"
Aquamist Anti-Surge Accumulator “Water Shock”

The part is called an anti-surge accumulator.  Aquamist offered it with the 2D system that I used to operate.  It helped to smooth the fluid supply from the race pump and was also supposed to help improve the flow rate from the pump.  I’ve noticed some oscillations in the reported flow rate and thought this might help to smooth the supply.  The Aquamist race pump had much lower flow capacity than most of the currently available pumps, so I’m not concerned with any flow rate increases that might come from using this part.  In fact I generally run the pump I have around 30-45% duty cycle and it cools well at that flow rate into a pair of 0.7mm Aquamist nozzles.

I’ve installed the ‘water shock’ after the pump and prior to the water flow sensor.

Water shock installed
Water shock installed